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  • € 90 minimum order, between 11 km and 15 km from Mitte *

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At each delivery we will charge €. 5.00, for orders over €. 60.00 delivery will be free.

--- We do not deliver to a specified floor (only in case of injury, pregnant women) ---

(* Mitte = AlexanderPlatz, as a point to mark on the map for the exact distance of Km.)


Koriandrum is a unique word, created by the fusion of “Coriandolo” and “Koriander,” with the purpose to bring out the uniqueness of this ingredient of excellence, a typical and basic processing of sausage DOP Monte San Biagio.

The Latin origin of the word “Coriander” (Coriandrum: healthy Sativum. Arable), put the foundation of his main sense about the production of a traditional and genuine product and this is what we propose to do, to distribute the highest quality products in Germany from a country rich of culture and culinary tradition, Situated between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pontine hills, located in the Lazio region.

Olive oil, sausages, tomatoes, cheese and buffalo mozzarella, produced by small family farms, Which Exclusively rely on organic production techniques. This is our philosophy distribution

Our goal is to make you explore our land and our culture through the palate.

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Our Land

All our products come from Piana di Fondi and the hills that surround it. A land full of history and culture.

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